Annual IOLTA Compliance Cycle Now Open

The Maryland Judiciary has opened the fiscal year 2024 IOLTA compliance process, with compliance reports due no later than September 10, 2023.

Annual compliance reports must be filed online using the Attorney Information System. MLSC cannot update your contact information, so please ensure your information is up-to-date in AIS.

Please note one change in compliance options this year for clarity: If you conduct legal activities in Maryland, but hold your IOLTA account in the District of Columbia or a contiguous state, select option 4 and indicate the jurisdiction. If you do not conduct legal activities in Maryland (and therefore do not need a Maryland IOLTA account, even if you may hold an IOLTA account in another state), please select option 5.

If you have technical questions or face problems using AIS, please contact Service Now tech support at

For more information about IOLTA and a list of FAQs, please visit our IOLTA for Lawyers page.

If you have questions regarding Pro Bono reporting, please contact the Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland at