Bank on Justice

The Honor Roll, a joint project of MLSC and the MSBA, recognizes financial institutions that go above and beyond legal requirements and pay favorable interest rates on interest on lawyer trust accounts. Your IOLTA account supports critical civil legal services.

MLSC Seeks Operations Coordinator

MLSC seeks a full-time operations coordinator to assist with database management and administrative duties.

MLSC Welcomes Deputy Director

Maryland Legal Services Corporation is pleased to introduce Dave Pantzer as MLSC’s new deputy director. Dave joined MLSC on November 1.

What is Civil Legal Aid?

Civil legal aid ensures access to justice for all. It helps Marylanders navigate non-criminal legal issues affecting their livelihoods and families. Unlike criminal cases, there is no right to an attorney in the vast majority of civil cases.

Funding Legal Assistance – Serving the Ends of Justice

Maryland Legal Services Corporation makes grants to nonprofit organizations that provide civil legal services for low-income Marylanders. Since 1982, MLSC has made grants totaling over $354 million to help provide services in more than 3.85 million legal matters. MLSC also administers Maryland’s Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts (IOLTA) program, a major funding source for our grantmaking.

Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts (IOLTA)

Attorneys routinely receive client funds to be held in trust for future use. In the case of amounts that are small or are to be held for a short time, attorneys place funds into an IOLTA account. Financial institutions send the interest generated on IOLTA accounts to MLSC to help fund civil legal services.

Civil Legal Aid

MLSC grantees assist with legal issues like child custody, foreclosure, consumer debt and more. Their work offers life-changing legal help to low-income Marylanders across the state. Scroll through the logos below or click here to learn more about our current grantees.

By the Numbers – Fiscal Year 2021

Clients helped by MLSC grantees
$ million
Granted by MLSC
Hours donated by pro bono lawyers