House of Ruth Maryland


Baltimore District Court and Hyattsville District Court (3 positions available)




February 25, 2022




Description:  The Staff Attorney advises and represents victims of intimate partner violence in protective order proceedings, and in related matters such as contempt, modification, extension and shielding proceedings.  The Staff Attorney delivers client-focused legal services by working with clients to determine their objectives and develop realistic strategies for achieving those objectives, through assessment and awareness of clients’ particular social and cultural needs, by developing safety plans specific to clients’ particular circumstances, and by seeking and processing clients’ feedback.


  • Engage in all forms of litigation preparation, such as evidence collection, witness identification and preparation, and settlement negotiations.
  • Engage in effective litigation techniques, such as persuasive oral argument, witness preparation and testimony, expert witness presentation, presentation of physical, documentary and other types of evidence, cross examination and impeachment.
  • Engage in appellate litigation as needed, including filing of appeals and petitions for writs of certiorari, researching appellate issues, writing appellate briefs, conducting moot arguments, and arguing before Maryland in banc panels and appellate courts.
  • Conduct comprehensive intake interviews and provide legal information, referrals, and advocacy to victims of intimate partner violence, including conducting lethality assessments and creating safety plans with all clients.


Must be licensed to practice law in Maryland.  This is an entry level position.


Starting salary is $55,000.  The salary goes to $57,000 when the attorney is released to take cases on their own, and $60,000 after one year.

How To Apply

Please email resume and cover letter to Dorothy Lennig, Legal Clinic Director at