MLSC has prepared forms for you to use to participate in and meet the requirements of the Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts (IOLTA) Program. These forms and instructions can be downloaded from this web site and include:

New IOLTA Account Enrollment

To establish IOLTA accounts, attorneys should complete the New IOLTA Account Enrollment form. Attorneys should give the original completed form to the bank and fax a copy to MLSC at 410-385-1831 or email to iolta [at]

Download Enrollment Form: [PDF] | [Word Doc]

Annual IOLTA Compliance Report

Each Maryland attorney is required to complete annually the Annual IOLTA Compliance Report, as instructed in the letter issued to you at the beginning of the year by the Maryland Court of Appeals. The IOLTA Compliance Report may be filed by mail or electronically, reporting on your IOLTA account(s) in existence as of the date you complete the report. You may complete the form online at or return the hard copy to the Administrative Office of the Courts, P.O. Box 319, Simpsonville, MD 21150-0319.

For more about compliance reporting, see the Compliance FAQs.

Download Compliance Report Form: [PDF]