Compliance Reporting

Why Annual IOLTA Reporting Is Required

IOLTA revenues administered by the Maryland Legal Services Corporation (MLSC) constitute one of our State’s principal funding sources for the provision of civil legal services to our low-income population. However, some Maryland attorneys are not in compliance with the requirement to place all of their IOLTA-eligible trust funds in an IOLTA account or their financial institutions have not designated these escrow accounts properly. The result may be a substantial loss of funding for this essential public program. This compliance reporting rule provides the administrative mechanism to assure full participation in the program.

How to Comply

You do not have to open an IOLTA account to be in compliance with IOLTA. An IOLTA account must be established if you are holding short-term or nominal trust funds of at least $3,500 on a regular basis. If this is not the case, you are eligible for a waiver, and you should open a non-interest bearing escrow account. The waiver is requested when you submit the Annual IOLTA Compliance Report (see Compliance FAQ 9). To open an IOLTA account, print the  IOLTA Enrollment Form  and take this with you to the bank when opening a new account.

When to Report

Each Maryland attorney is required to complete annually via the Attorney Information System , as instructed in the electronic notification from the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC). The electronic notices will be issued beginning July 10, 2019 and reports must be submitted on or before September 10,2019.

For more about compliance reporting, see the Compliance FAQs.